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Ladders to Literacy
A Kindergarten Activity Book


Rollanda E. O'Connor, Ph.D.
Angela Notari-Syverson, Ph.D.
Patricia F. Vadasy, M.P.H.



About the Authors
Foreword by Joseph R. Jenkins

I Theoretical Framework for Early Literacy
Chapter 1  Introduction: The Development of Early Literacy
      Chapter 2  The Role of Scaffolding
      Chapter 3  Implementing Ladders to Literacy

II Print Awareness
Shared Storybook Reading
      Snack/Lunch Treat Menu
      Following Recipes
      Morning/Afternoon Message and News
      I Found
      Classroom Post Office
      Fill in the Blanks
      Making Books
      Sorting Objects
      Science Projects
      Long Jump
      My First Journal
      Landscapes and Maps
      The Transition to Reading Words
      Integrating Spelling and Reading

III Phonological Awareness
Musical Instruments
      Rhythmic Activities
      Listening to Songs
      Clap the Syllables
      Nursery Rhymes
      Rhyming Pictures
      Rhyming Triplets
      Sound Isolation
      Pretend Play with Miniature Toys
      Letter Sound of the Week
      First Sound Song
      Guess the Word (Blending)
      I'm Thinking of a . . . (Blending by Category)
      Word to Word Matching Game: First Sound
      Sing a First Sound
      First Sound Bingo
      Segmenting with Onset-Rime Boxes
      Segmenting with Three Phonemes
      Onset-Rime with First Letter

IV Oral Language
      Show and Tell
      Food Talk
      Enacting Storybooks
      What Did You Hear?
      Feeling Objects
      From This to That
      Treasure Boxes
      Book Review/Story Grammar
      Book Buddy
      Movie Reviews
      Foreign Languages: Let's Say it Another Way!
      Special Words
      My Dream
      Let's Find Out!

Appendix A: Early Literacy Activities for Children and Parents: A Parent's Guide to Easy Times to Do These Activities
Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix C: Additional Resources

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