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Step Ahead at Age 3


A Guide for Families in Wisconsin


Ann Hains and Marianne Smith, Editors

Rob Corso, Diane Fett, Sarah Hadden, Jill Haglund, Angela Hartmann, Alice Horton, Teresa Hunt,
Vickie Johnson, Christine Kilkenny, JoEllen Kilkenny, Mitch Kremer, Jenny lange, Leesa Maxwell,
Donna Miller, Nancy Platz, Amy Santos, and Tammy Schmidt also worked on this project.

1999 Revised Edition

On or near the third birthday, a child steps ahead from Birth to 3 services to early childhood special education services and/or other community services. our child has continuing needs, she or he may be eligible for the special education services provided by the school district. Both the Birth to 3 program and your school district have procedures to ensure a smooth and effective transition for your child from early intervention to early childhood special education programs. These procedures are designed to ensure that by your child's third birthday an Individualized Education Program (IEP) has been developed and services are determined for your child.

Moving from program to program is called transition. Families and service providers walk through this transition together, one step at a time

Student and TeacherPlanning Ahead

Transition Planning Conference

Making Sense of the Meeting

Determining Eligibility and Developing the IEP Program

Developing Goals and Objectives

Determining Services and Placement

Putting the IEP into Action

Parental Rights

The law says...

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides parents with certain rights related to services for a child with a developmental delay or disability. These rights apply to the Birth to 3 and school district programs. It is very important for parents or guardians to be fully aware of these rights. If at any point you are uncertain about your rights, please ask questions of your Birth to 3 program or school district. Other sources of information are listed below. Do not sign any agreement until you understand what it means for your child. In brief, your rights under IDEA include the following:

Sources of Information about Parental Rights

Special Education Director __________________________ (fill in on your own)
Local Parent Group _______________________________ (fill in on your own)
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction 1-608-266-1781
Wisconsin First Steps 1-800-642-7837
Parent Education Project 1-800-231-8382 (in Milwaukee 328-5520)

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