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Developmental Growth For Children

At 3 years of age does your child:

Thinking and Moving

  • Feed self with some spilling
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Take off simple clothes
  • Mark purposefully with crayon
  • Throw a ball over head
  • Pedal a trike
  • Look at books and turn pages
  • Avoid some dangers such as hot
  • Follow one-step directions
  • Identify big and small

Talking and Playing

  • Imitate familiar household tasks
  • Play next to other children
  • Claim and defend possessions
  • Make most sounds understandable
  • Use 3 to 5 word sentences
  • Answer simple "wh" questions
  • Join in laughter
  • Know first and last names

At 4 years of age does your child:

Thinking and Moving

  • Serve self food
  • Brush teeth with help
  • Put on simple clothes
  • Copy lines, circles, and draw face
  • Catch a bounced ball
  • Swing unaided
  • Point and name objects in books
  • Move around immediate neighborhood
  • Follow two and three-step familiar directions
  • Sort by shape and color

Talking and Playing

  • Enjoy playing dress-up
  • Share toys in play with others
  • Follow simple rules
  • May still make such common sound errors as "r", "s", "i", and blends "sl", and "cr"
  • Combine two or more sentences
  • Ask "wh" questions
  • Tell simple stories
  • Know age and gender

At 5 years of age does your child:

Thinking and Moving

  • Use a fork and knife well
  • Wash and dry face and brush teeth unaided
  • Dress and undress unaided
  • Draw simple figures
  • Catch a tossed ball
  • Jump over low objects
  • Know simple songs or stories
  • Cross the street safely
  • Follow three-step unfamiliar instructions
  • Name colors and numbers

Talking and Playing

  • Engage in complex pretend play
  • Initiate play and play with others
  • Resolve conflicts with peers
  • Can be understood by strangers
  • Use past and future tense in complex sentences
  • Answer "wh" questions
  • Enjoy riddles and jokes
  • Know phone number and address

This brochure was developed as general guidance to support your enjoyment and understanding of your child's development. You may see small differences between your child and other children. Some differences may be explained by lack of experience with such things as swinging or riding a trike. However, if you notice what seems to be large differences in your child as compared to other children the same age, you may want to talk with someone about your concern. That may be your physician, someone at the health department, or at your neighborhood school.

Other things that are important for your child are:

You should enjoy your children!

These developmental growth milestones do not constitute a formal assessment tool. Rather, this information has been compiled using a variety of resources as general guidelines for families and careproviders.

Thanks to Juliann Cripe, Ph.D., and David Lindeman, Ph.D., of the Kansas University Affiliated Program for development of this brochure.

Scheduling an appointment for-Your Child

Call one of the phone numbers listed below on this brochure, your local health department, o local public school system, to make an appointment for your child. All parents of children, ages birth through 5 years, are encouraged to take advantage o the screening services in your community.

If you have questions or want more information, please call:

This network can help you find a screening resource for your child in your community.


Preschool Grants Program
Special Education Outcomes Team
Kansas State Board of Education
120 S.E. I 0th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66612-1182
(913) 296-7454

Infant-Toddler Program
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Division of Health
Bureau of Family Health
Landon State Office Building
900 S.W. Jackson, 10th Floor
Topeka, KS 66612-1290
(913) 296-6135

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