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Infant Development Program
Dunn County
for children ages birth to 3 years

What is the Infant Development Program?

A program for young children who have special needs or delayed development. Parents work with the teachers and therapists to help their child learn and grow.

Who is the Infant Development Program for?

Any Dunn County child from birth to age three is eligible for an evaluation if the parents are concerned about their child, The Infant Program staff observes the child's movement, speech, learning, behavior, and self help skills (eating, dressing, toileting).

How can a child be enrolled in the Infant Development Program?

Referrals to the Infant Program can be made by parents, physicians, nurses, social workers, teachers, friends, day care staff or anyone who is involved with the child and is concerned about their development. The child is evaluated to see if there is a need that qualifies them for the program. If the child qualifies, a plan is developed with the parents. Each child's program is different depending on the child's strengths and needs. Services are offered at no cost to the families.

What services are available?

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Home visits
Family Education
Group preschool programs
Lending of toys, books, equipment
Referral and coordination of services

Why is the Infant Program important?

The early years are the time when a child is doing the most growing and learning. Encouraging your child now will help development in all areas and minimize any problems. We build on the child's best areas and work to improve areas that are weaker. We work closely with each parent to help their child do the best, as the parents are a child's first and most important teachers.

Every child grows and learns in his or her own way. Use this guide to see what your child can do. If your child does not do some of the things listed for his or her age group, you may want to call us for more information.

3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

12 Months

18 Months

24 Months

30 months (2 1/2 years)

If you have concerns about these or any other area of your child's development, please don't wait. For more information, or to make a referral, contact:

Infant Development Program
Dunn County Human Services
808 Main St. P.O. Box 470
Menonomie, WI 54751

715-232-6130 or 715-232-1116

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