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Speech and Language Screening

Kai Ming Head Start (n.d.). Speech and Language Screening. Sacramento, CA: Kai Ming Head Start.

This two-page checklist provides the caregivers a quick screening to obtain children's speech and language activities and development status by answering simple yes-no questions. The instrument can be used to assess children aged three to five. The tasks assess expressive language, receptive language, articulation, fluency/stuttering, and voice. A couple of short open-ended questions are included to obtain further information when needed. There is a section to report comments and observationsother than the listed tasks, and to indicate necessary follow upservices. The tool is available in English and Chinese.

The questionnaire can be administered by direct observation of the child and/or by interviewing the caregiver. This screening instrument could be administered by speech-language pathologists, child development specialists, professional childcare providers or other related professionals.

Availability Information
Kai Ming Head Start
Amy Lin Tan
Parent Participation Preschool Office
Leland Stanford
810 V Street, Room 19
Sacramento, CA 95818

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