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Bracken Basic Concept Scale-Revised

Bracker, B.A. (1998, 1984). Bracken Basic Concept Scale-Revised. San Antonio, TX: The Psychological Corporation, Harcourt Brace and Company.

Bracken Basic Concept Scale-Revised (BBCS-R) is a revision of Bracken Basic Concept Scale (1984). It is used to assess to basic concept development of children in the age range of 2 years 6 months through 7 years 11 months. It is used to measure comprehension of 308 foundational and functionally relevant educational concepts in 11 subtests or concept categories: colors, letters, numbers/counting, sizes, comparisons, shapes, direction/position, self/social awareness, texture/material, quantity, and time/sequence. The test is individually administered, and the concepts are presented orally within the context of complete sentences and visually in a multiple-choice format.

Of the 11 subtests, the first six compose the School Readiness Composite (SRC). The SRC can be used to assess children's knowledge of those readiness concepts that parents and preschool and kindergarten teachers traditionally teach children in preparation for formal education.

The BBCS-R is a developmentally sensitive measure of children's basic concept acquisition and receptive language skills. The scale enables you to assess important conceptual and receptive language abilities in children rather than only their knowledge of common vocabulary words (e.g., astronaut, jumping). The concepts assessed with the BBCS-R are acquired in a developmentally predictable fashion that is consistent across cultures and languages studied (Bracken, 1988; Bracken, 1996; Bracken, Barona, Bauermeister, Howell, Poggioli, & Puente, 1990).

A Spanish adaptation of BBCS-R items and a Spanish record form are available. The test items themselves are largely pictorial. The normative sample matches current U.S. population parameters.

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