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Early LAP:
Primer perfil del logro en el aprendizaje para niños de un nivel bajo de desarrollo:
Del nacimiento a los 36 meses de edad

Glover, M.E., Preminger, J.L., Sanford, A.R. (1995). Early LAP: Primer perfil del logro en el aprendizaje para niños de un nivel bajo de desarrollo: Del nacimiento a los 36 meses de edad. Chapel Hill, NC: Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project

The Early Learning Accomplishment Profile (Early LAP) is a criterion-referenced assessment instrument that examines gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, self help and social/emotional abilities of children functioning in the birth to 36 month age range. The assessment is available in English and Spanish. The Early LAP is designed to generate a comprehensive picture of a child's developmental progress in the six domains so that individualized, developmentally appropriate activities can be planned and implemented. This assessment can be used with any infant and toddler, including children with disabilities.

The instrument is administered through systematic observation and direct interaction with the child. Positive demonstration of 8 consecutive behaviors is the basal for the Early LAP (level of successful functioning). After the basal has been determined, the assessment should continue until the child fails to demonstrate 3 skills out of five tasks presented. This defines the child's ceiling level of performance and the assessment should end at this point. The absence of these skills should be analyzed for possible inclusion in the IEP. The child can be tested several times and new skills noted by the date of achievement. Technical data are provided. Provided are a list of materials, early learning activity cards, record/questionnaire forms and an IFSP form.

It is expected that the Early LAP will be used more than once in evaluating children over the course of several months. Early Learning Activity Cards are sequenced with instructional activities and direct teaching procedures, which correlate with the items on the Early LAP. Each card has the skill written as an objective, teaching procedures for meeting the objective, and additional suggestions for expanding emerging skills. Skill area and developmental age are referenced on each card. The Early-LAP Manual and Early Learning Activity Cards are available in a Spanish edition as well as in English. A Content and Overview video, and a Demonstration video are available.

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