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Encuesta AEPS de Intereses Familiares

Cripe, Juliann & Bricker, Dianne (1993). Encuesta AEPS de Intereses Familiares: Sistema de Evaluación, Valoración y Planeamiento de Programas (AEPS) para Infantes y Preescolares. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD.

This Spanish language survey of family interests is designed to be used with the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS) for Infants and Children developed by Dr. Diane Bricker. AEPS is a curriculum-based assessment/evaluation system for use with children from birth to 6 years who have special needs or are at risk for developmental delays. The purpose of this 30-item checklist is to help families identify and prioritize areas to address in a child's IEP/IFSP. The checklist is divided into three parts. The first part addresses areas of interest to parents in programming for the child's needs; the second part, areas of interest in regard to family needs; and the third part, areas of interest relating to community support and services. (Note: See also "Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS)" in the CLAS Evaluation Tools Special Collection).

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