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Infant-Toddler and Family Instrument (IFTI)

Apfel, N. H. and Provence, S. (2001). Infant-Toddler and Family Instrument (IFTI). Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing Company

This instrument was developed to provide an easy-to-use, clinically sensitive tool to help family workers determine how well a young child between 6 months and 3 years is developing and how well the family is managing the task of parenting. Consisting of an Instrument and Manual, the ITFI gives clear, step-by-step ways to question caregivers about their child's characteristics, daily activities, health, development and family life.

The ITFI includes the following: 1) an interview component consisting of 35 questions to ask caregivers in a comfortable and culturally sensitive way; 2) a child development component that helps service providers make a judgment through observation and tasks about whether the child is functioning at age level in the specific developmental domains; and 3) a checklist to rate concerns about the family and child.

The manual provides guidelines to help family service providers determine whether the family and child are at sufficient risk to require referrals for further evaluation to other professionals or agencies, such as psychologists and pediatricians. Four case studies are also presented to illustrate the use of ITFI, including the development of a plan of action.

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