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Clarke East At Lasell College Newton, Ma

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A program for deaf and hard-of-hearing children

Clarke East At Lasell College
Newton, MA

Clarke East

Clarke East at Lasell College teaches deaf and hard-of-hearing children to listen and talk. In a warm, homelike setting, families meet supportive professionals who help to enrich their child's life through a variety of special services and activities. A satellite of the renowned CLARKE-School for the Deaf/Center for Oral Education in Northhampton, Massachusetts, Clarke East is based on an auditory/oral model that emphasizes the development of speech, language and listening skills. Our staff specializes in working with babies and children up to the age of seven.

Early Intervention

Our skilled staff helps families as they discover how to enlighten their baby's life with meaningful sound, language and play experience. Professionals welcome families as a integral part of this unique leaning. Our goal is to give parents confidence as they make decisions about raising their child. Clarke East focuses on the needs of the child and family. CLARKE promotes the philosophy that children with hearing loss who develop listening and language skills at an early age have infinite possibilities.

Preschool & Kindergarten

The Preschool and Kindergarten are stimulating and nurturing classes that help deaf and hard-of-hearing children learn about themselves and the world around them. Described as a "child's delight," it is the ideal setting for children to begin their formal schooling. Specialized activities address the individual needs of every child and family. Parents are encouraged to become a part of the learning process, visit classes and participate in school activities. They receive a newsletter about the weekly themes and projects, as well as frequent communication through a home/school notebook. Children also have opportunities to interact with children from the Lasell College preschool.

Cochlear Implant Habilitation

Clarke East provides cochlear implant habilitation services and support to children and their families. Professionals work closely with parents and children who have implants to promote and evaluate each child's listening and speaking skills. Clarke East staff educate parents in order to optimize the auditory potential available to their child from the implant. Together, they develop appropriate expectations and provide strategies to create an auditory learning environment at home. Clarke East professionals also collaborate with implant centers to develop a well-integrated program for each child with a cochlear implant.

The Teaching Staff

The Clarke East program is directed by professionals who are trained in both early childhood education and in the auditory/oral method. They are deeply committed to helping children reach their full potential. Families interact with knowledgeable, friendly teachers who respect individual differences and understand that all children learn differently.


CLARKE - School for the Deaf/Center for Oral Education in Northampton, Massachusetts, has an international reputation for excellence in the auditory/oral education of deaf children. Campus-based programs and outreach services provide help every year to over 6,000 deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and their families from around the world.

For more than 130 years, CLARKE's mission has been to instill in children a belief in their own capabilities and to provide them with the skills they need to participate freely, fully and independently in a hearing, speaking world.

CLARKE admits students of any race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin to all of its programs. CLARKE does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin the administration of all of its programs.


Clarke East is located in Pickard House
on the Lasell College campus.

Campus location:
Pickard House
62 Maple Street
Newton, Massachusetts

Mailing address:
Clarke East at Lasell College
1844 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, Massachusetts 02166

For More Information

Contact Clarke East Coordinator
Newton, MA
(617) 332-2875
(617) 332-2843 TTY
(617) 332-2537 FAX

or CLARKE Program Information Office
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-3450 V/TTY
(413) 584-8273 FAX


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