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Clarke-Jacksonville Auditory/Oral Center

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Where young deaf children learn to listen and talk
A program of Clarke-School for the Deaf Center for Oral Education

Clarke-Jacksonville Auditory/Oral Center

Clarke-Jacksonville offers young hearing-impaired children and adolescents an auditory/oral program that emphasizes the development of listening, speech and language skills. In a warm and friendly setting, families meet supportive professionals who provide a variety of services and activities. Clarke-Jacksonville is a satellite program of the renowned CLARKE-School for the Deaf/Center for Oral Education in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Early Intervention

The needs of the child and family are important at Clarke-Jacksonville. Families with children from infancy to age three become an integral part of a unique learning experience. Parents discover how to enrich their baby's life with meaningful sound, language and play. Clarke-Jacksonville's goal is to give parents information and to help build confidence, as they make decisions about educating their child.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Five mornings a week, teachers help hearing-impaired children, ages three to six, learn to listen and talk. While using their residual hearing with cochlear implants or hearing aids, children are encouraged to talk and are introduced to written language. They also receive daily individual and classroom listening, speech and language sessions. Teachers stimulate children to be inquisitive and self-confident. Small classes, hands-on activities and individualized instruction are the cornerstones of this program which prepares children for transition into mainstream schools with their hearing peers.

Teachers nurture the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative development in children through activity, discovery and exploration. They also promote parental involvement and open communication through newsletters, calendars, a home/school notebook and a speech/language book.

Auditory, Speech & Spoken Language Programs

Clarke-Jacksonville provides individual sessions to promote excellence in auditory perception and speech production. Children are taught to maximize the use of their residual hearing and develop their listening skills. The development of a child's skills is determined by both initial and ongoing assessments. Children and adolescents, with differing levels of hearing loss and speech/language needs, receive specialized services in individual sessions to promote optimum progress in their home environment and in their performance in mainstream schools.

Cochlear Implant Services

Clarke-Jacksonville provides cochlear implant services and educational support for children and their families. Professionals work closely with families to evaluate and promote the listening and speaking skills of each child. They develop appropriate expectations and offer strategies to maximize an auditory learning environment. The staff also collaborates with implant centers to develop a well-integrated program for each child.

The Teaching Staff

The professionals at Clarke-Jacksonville are experienced in childhood education, speech and language pathology, education of the deaf and in the auditory/oral approach. Families interact with knowledgeable, friendly teachers who respect individual differences between children and families. CLARKE professionals are deeply committed to helping children learn important skills early in life.


CLARKE-School for the Deaf/Center for Oral Education in Northampton, Massachusetts, has an international reputation for excellence in the auditory/oral education of hearing-impaired children. Campus-based programs in Northampton, satellite programs in Newton, Massachusetts, and Jacksonville, Florida, and comprehensive outreach services provide help to hundreds of children and their families every year.

For more than 130 years, CLARKE has helped to instill in hearing-impaired children a belief in their own capabilities and to provide them with the skills they need to become independent and productive members of the communities in which they live. CLARKE promotes the philosophy that hearing-impaired children, who develop listening skills for acquiring speech and English language at an early age, have infinite possibilities.

Clarke-Jacksonville Auditory/Oral Center
9857 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32257
904-880-9001 V/TTY
904-880-9007 FAX

For more information:
Program Information Office
413-584-3450 V/TTY
413-584-8273 FAX

CLARKE admits students of any race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin to all of its programs. CLARKE does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of all of its programs.

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