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Clarke School for the Deaf
Center for Oral Education


Hearing loss is the most common, yet least recognized, physical disability. It is estimated that one in every ten people in the United States is hearing impaired. Hearing loss can occur at any age and is most common in older people. Yet, it has its most devastating effects for a child who is born deaf. Without the benefit of sound, a child has no natural method for learning written and spoken language.

Hearing loss alters the ability to communicate. It affects people's jobs, their families and their friends. Individuals often withdraw from society, become isolated, and very dependent upon others to facilitate daily living. Over the years, Clarke has continued to find new and innovative ways to help the hearing impaired. As a result of this century-old commitment to service, there now exists on Clarke's beautiful New England campus, a comprehensive center on oral education which serves as a resource to people all over the world.

Historically, it had been thought that deaf people were uneducable. There was no sustained effort to teach deaf children to speak and lipread in the United States until the founding of Clarke School in 1867. Today, Clarke remains dedicated to the principle that hearing impaired people can lead independent and productive lives. Through service, research and education, we help thousands of people every year to understand hearing loss and meet its challenges. The Clarke advantage that we offer to children, as well as older adults, is the independence, the freedom, and the ability to always speak for themselves.

Everything we do at Clarke School for the Deaf and Center for Oral Education is designed to help people of all ages and from all walks of life. No matter how hearing loss affects your life, whether though a child, a friend, a neighbor, a student or a grandparent, Clarke stands ready to help you meet its challenges,


For infants and parents...
When the baby is born deaf, parents need to know there is somewhere to turn. Evaluation, counseling and open and honest discussion help a parent understand what the future holds and how to make informed educational choices. For parents of children of all ages, our Comprehensive Educational Evaluation program can provide a complete and unbiased report on their child's growth and development.

For deaf children...
From our Preschool to our Upper School programs, children learn to speak, to lipread and to master the English language so they can achieve in the hearing world. Summer programs give deaf students a chance to explore the world around them together.

For mainstreamed students and teachers...
Our Mainstream Center is in the business of guiding educators in teaching deaf students. We know through experience that learning opportunities can be maximized through technology, effective strategies, and curriculum development. Not only do we assist teachers from all over the world on an outreach basis, but through our joint on-campus program with Smith College, we offer a Masters; Degree in Deaf Education upon the completion of an intensive one year training program

Mainstreamed students in 48 states and 33 foreign countries are now benefiting from the skills of our extended Clarke School teaching family

For families...
Deafness raises complex family issues. Through weekend family conferences, families can learn how to live and work together.

For senior citizens...
Hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process Clarke's Center for Audiological Services not only evaluates training for people of all ages, but also concentrates on rehabilitation and teaching people how to live more comfortably with a heading loss. A variety of assistive devices are on display and available for purchase at our Assistive Devices Center.

For generations to come...
Research underway on Clarke's campus today will pay dividends for all of us tomorrow. Our faculty's work in technology, computers and language acquisition will change the ways in which everyone manages hearing impairment tomorrow.

Clarke School for the Deaf
Center for Oral Education

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Northampton, MA 01060-2199
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