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Clarke School for the Deaf
Center for Oral Education


The V.I.P. Program
for parents of hearing-impaired infants

Since 1867 the Clarke School for the Deaf has been helping deaf children and their families. In 1984, we expanded our programs and have instituted the V.I.P. program (Visiting Infant and Parent program) enabling families who live beyond easy commuting distance to take advantage of our services, resources, and professional experience.

The goal of the V.I.P. program is to provide you, the parent, the information, the support, and the confidence you need to make decisions about raising your deaf child. While ours is an oral program, we do not promote any particular educational philosophy universally. We focus on the characteristics and needs of your child and family and discuss the educational options available to you. We believe that there is no single right way to educate all hearing-impaired children but that one way may be more effective for your child than another.

During the week-long program, you live on the Clarke School campus in Leonard House in a private suite of rooms.

Even after you leave the V.I.P. program, we can continue to be a resource to you for further evaluation, information, and guidance. To us you remain Very Important People.

As part of the V.I.P. Program, your child will be evaluated by counselors, educators, and audiologists. Our staff has extensive experience, in the evaluation of all age groups, although we are best known for our success in testing young children. Each family's program is arranged individually.

The week's activities for your child may include the following:

Based upon your needs:

Clarke School for the Deaf
Center for Oral Education

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The Clarke School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin to each of its programs.

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